You Don’t Need To Overpay A Lawyer to Cancel Your Timeshare Contract

Staff Writers July 20, 2019 0 Comments

There are a lot of scams in the timeshare industry, including the resorts, exit companies and resell companies. Even with all the noise, there are good companies too. Even if you choose not to use us, we would love to provide you good information and tips to help you during your journey to a quick and safe exodus.

The reason you have a timeshare now is verbal pressure. You were pressured into buying something you are not able to sell on E-Bay for a dollar, and you don’t want to be pressured into a scam or hire companies that do not do well by your. You do not need to waste your time looking for samples letters or waste your money overpaying for a lawyer.

Letters will not get you out of the situation without tons of push back and a lawyers successfully close 50% of their cases with no money back guarantee.

You do not need a lawyer to exit timeshare and there is no such thing as Timeshare Law. 

Lawyers are not going to sew the resort for a few thousand dollars because litigation alone would cost around $50,000 or more, and this is with absolutly zero guarantee of an outcome in your favor. Lawyers get their clients our of timeshare about 40% to 50% of the time and again, without a money back guarantee.

We have outside general council, a licensed attorney who represents the entity of our company. He is available to ensure we do not do anything illegal on behalf of our company or you, our client.

We guarantee you will get out of your timeshare quickly, safely, ethically and guaranteed, or your money back. Even better, we are quicker and more affordable then any lawyer or resort and faster than any exit or resell company. We streamline our process by infusing industry experience with technology to improve automation and streamline our processes.

This will get you out of your time share quickly and at a less expensive rate. Dont gamble your hard earned money on a 40-50% success rate.


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