A Perfect Timeshare Cancellation Letter

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Are you looking to cancel your timeshare? If you’re like most our customers who have been pressured into a timeshare, the answer is yes.

Over 80% of all owners regret their timeshare purchase.


Timeshares are not valuable assets, in other words a bad investment. The associated fees accumulate overtime, and buyers always feel a majority of the facts were not provided at the time of sale. The good news is there are ways to exit your timeshare! If you find that your timeshare purchase was a mistake after signing the contract, you might be able to revoke the contract. If you are lucky and you are able to revoke the contract, then you can exit out of your timeshare contract without the exit pros, because you already handled the first pro step!  You should also be reimbursed any money spent. If time has past and you cannot cancel the contract, you can try writing a letter on your own.


You will find that most people waste time, effort and energy doing this and that letters do not work. This is where the exit pros step in and work with the resorts effortlessly to get your contract canceled. If you follow the step below and write a perfect timeshare cancellation letter and it still does not work, simply give us a call at 866-883-5329 and we will help you exit safely, legally and ethically – FOREVER!


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PRO EXIT TIP 1: Identify the length of your rescission period and how long it lasts

The first thing you’ll want to do is to find out how long your rescission period is. It ranges from 3 to 15 days in most states, so you won’t have a lot of time to spare even in the best circumstances. Look at your contract to find out how much time you have. If the rescission period hasn’t expired yet, the contract should tell you what you need to do to cancel your timeshare contract. Follow the instructions in the contract exactly! Some contracts will contain a timeshare cancellation form that you can fill out and send in. Or, you may need to send a timeshare rescission letter.


PRO EXIT TIP 2: Writing the timeshare rescission letter

Here are the steps you can take if you need to send a timeshare cancellation letter (rescission) to the resort (developer). It will need to contain the following:

  1. The timeshare contract number.
  2. The names on the timeshare contract.
  3. The name of the timeshare company.
  4. The date you purchased your timeshare.
  5. The reason you’re writing. (be specific)
  6. Add a request of money paid to be returned and for your loan to be canceled, if applicable.
  7. Sign and date the letter.

Include all of the above in your letter and do not give them a reason to deny your request.

You will want to send this cancellation letter as soon as possible because time is of the essence. There will be an address on your contract. You will want to use that as sometimes there are different addresses associated with the timeshare.

Lastly, you will want to send it by certified mail. This way you have proof of delivery and receipt within the time period.


PRO EXIT TIP 3: Verify and double confirm your timeshare cancellation.

If you receive a confirmation that your timeshare contract has been canceled, then you are all set. You did it all by yourself and you are an exit pro! If several weeks go by and you have not received word, contact the resort and try to see if something is hindering the the rescission/cancellation. Again, you can write this letter on your own, but it’s never so easy and not as clear cut as it may seem. The process is negotiation and time consuming. It’s very important to make sure that you contact seasoned professionals before you send or say something you cannot undo.


You do not need to hire an attorney. There is no course for timeshare law. Hire the Timeshare Exit Pros today and save a bundle!


Remember, if the recession period passes then you’ll definitely need take other action to end your timeshare contract. There are other options and methods, but be sure to hire seasoned professionals if needed which you can find more information here.


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