The Pros vs. The Other Guys

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It appears you are looking for a company to help you get out of your timeshare contract, but you cant seem to find a perfect fit.

No matter where you look, it’s the same PRO and CON situation. The same give and take, this and that, the good and the bad. We will help you make an easy decision by providing you real scenarios that our clients have shared with us during our initial discovery call. We record these scenarios to learn more about our competitors and to help educate our clients on what they might expect and what to avoid. We had requested our operations department to provide us a few scenarios to share with you.

Below you will find the top picks from our Exit Pros. Even if you do not choose our company to help you exit your timeshare, at least you will walk away with several great pointers!



  • PRO PICK 1: You find a company that seems more honest than the last, but they’re a bit slow at getting things together.
  • PRO PICK 2: You find a company that appears to have their ducks in a row, but they didn’t appear to be knowledgeable when you asked them specific questions regarding your situation.
  • PRO PICK 3: You find a company that is well-educated as well as honest. However, they are very expensive and during the initial stages, they ask you to find a notary in your area to notarize your documents.
  • PRO PICK 4: You find a company that makes you fill out a long survey by hand, rather than having a convenient online submission form you can submit digitally.


Keep an eye out for these scenarios during your online shopping. These are situations that we find are red flags and that will occur early on. Each scenario above represent a few of the below concerns:

  • Dishonest Behavior
  • Expensive Without Justification
  • Unorganized and/or Inefficient
  • Old Processes are associated with not being Up-to-date
  • Traditional forms are often warning signs of traditional thinking.
  • Not funding notary processes are sign of a struggling company.



At Timeshare Exit Pro’s, we are honest from start to finish.

We are 100% transparent and we provide our clients updates every step of the way. Our team is fast, organized and efficient because our company reinvests annual budgets into technology and automation developements. Canceling a timeshare is tough business, even for us as professionals. It is important that we place all our focus on the clients end goal and our company procedures. This way we do not spend our time and your money on traditional and tedious manual processes.

By doing so, we can put 100% focus on your cancellation and relieve our team from manual work, and at the same time cultivate an efficient environment to improve the speed of our process with zero room for error. In doing so, we are able to charge lower rates due to volume and increased automation. We are always on top of the industry and best practices and we keep an eye out for regulations and resort policies as well. If you have a question, it will be answered immediately. If we don’t know the answer off the top of our head, we will be sure to check with compliance and return with an answer same business day, after the information is confirmed correct.

Our customers will never be asked to locate a notary or pay for their own signatures. We have nationwide notaries that will visit you at your preferred location and they will call prior to penciling in a time that best fits YOUR schedule. As for the surveys, they are standard industry policy and are required to complete in order to safely and successfully help you exit your timeshare. The good news is the Timeshare Exit Pro’s have developed an online survey that you can conveniently complete at your own pace and easily submit your answers online.

Once the information is submitted into our system, our operations department will organize them into your file. You can forget about wrist pains and your Adobe PDF Reader freezing up on you before saving your answers. The pros have your covered!

85% of all owners regret their timeshare purchase and 100% of our customers are happy with their exit experience.



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