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By choosing Timeshare Exit Pros, you can rest assured that our professionals are working tirelessly on your exit. Our team of experts are ready to take on the most difficult timeshare challenges you may come across. Exiting your timeshare contract is not an easy task. It takes more than just misrepresentation and back and forth with timeshare companies. It takes industry knowledge, past experiences and timing to cancel a timeshare contract successfully and ethically with your resort. We communicate with our customers as if they are our own family. We use several lines of communication such as phone, e-mail, and even text! 


Timeshare Exit Pro’s has found all of your answers and solutions by leveraging consumer protection laws along with our seasoned and proven process which ultimately forces vacation ownership back onto the timeshare companies. We also reinvest annual budgets into our technology department to improve our automation and streamline our process. We call it the Timeshare Nightmare, because the industry is extremely unregulated. This restricts your exit options. This is also why you might notice the process or options are not consumer friendly. Moreover, these options are not disclosed to the general public. At Timeshare Exit Pros, we fill that gap with a proven and effective infrastructure and established network of professionals. Although a successful exit is not an easy process, we make it seamless for our customers and absorb the frustrations and headaches. 

Our team of timeshare exit professionals act as your consumer advocate. We will continue effortlessly to relieve you of your timeshare contract! Timeshare mortgages and maintenance fees may not fit your lifestyle anymore, or maybe you have other reasons that you need to get out of your obligation. All the industry will want to do is deter you. They will want to delay the process and stop you from cancelling your timeshare contract. This is why its important to do it right the first time around – With the Timeshare Exit Pros!
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Sales Techniques Pressured You Into Your Timeshare. Our Industry Experience And Consumer Protection Laws Will Help You Exit Your Timeshare Too - A Safe, Legal and Ethical Exit.

As a trusted brand and timeshare exit company, it is our job to provide the best exit experience in the industry. Besides our 5-star reviews, our service is unparalleled to any other company out there. We don’t try and sell anything,  nor do we use pressure tactics or convince customers to exit their timeshares. We do not make any outbound calls to customers and our customers agree to be contacted by reaching out for our help. Instead, we learn about your situation and share information with you that will help provide you more insight on your options. Even if your are a qualified applicant and decide not to exit with us, at least you will walk away with valuable information and learn how to find other legitimate companies. We are 100% transparent and keep you in the loop with continuous updates during each exit phase so you have a safe and comfortable exit experience. If you were pressured into buying a timeshare and it is not a good fit for your lifestyle anymore, we would love to help you exit using our ethical, legitimate and legal process. 
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All You Need to Know About Canceling Your Vacation Membership

Cancelling a timeshare contract is possible but it’s not easy, which is what makes our services so valuable. Don’t worry, most problems must have a solution but not everyone is accepted into our program. We have to ensure our customers qualify first and foremost. It is our policy to have our complementary consultation to help us understand your situation, prior to on-boarding new clients and beginning our process. After we’ve collected everything we need we send it in for review. One of our representatives or a case manager will advise if you qualify for the program after considering all factors sent in. Our goal is to help you find answers to the questions you have searched all this time for: How to cancel a timeshare, and who is the best timeshare cancellation company for you?
We do not advise our clients to stop making payments on your timeshare, unless you are in a financial hardship where you are unable to make your payments. Failure to make your payments may result in negative and derogatory marks on your credit file. You may be sued or you could face foreclosure.

Did you sign a timeshare contract in perpetuity without knowing it?

If you, like many other people, met a timeshare sales agent, you might have been invited to a free delicious breakfast, or a chat with promises of a free tour. You might have been bothered by that person and maybe you yielded to pressure to sign a contract that you didn’t really want to sign.


The good news is you have the opportunity to rescind your timeshare within several days of signing the contract, but each state varies. The average rescission period usually ranges from 5 to 7 days. It is even more concerning when you are 5 days into your contract and you have no idea what to do. Do not hesitate to call us if you are in this situation so we can provide you recommendations based on your situation and a few other factors. We will give guidance to help you rescind the contract so you don’t go through what our clients do after the rescission period. We do not solicit our visitors or clients to exit their timeshare. As a matter of fact, we do not run any outbound or disruptive call initiatives. If you are reading this, it’s because you have already made your decision to get help in exiting your timeshare. If you are happy with your timeshare, we encourage you to keep it!

You have spent hours of your time researching, and even with a certain degree of stress – on Google or Bing search engines – and have managed to corroborate certain data that most websites or Blogs share in common, such as:

  • Vacationers or timeshare victims have been persuaded with gifts and rides by cunning vendors who do not disclose the negative aspects of a timeshare vacation membership.
  • The victims have signed, under persuasion and influence of the seller, a perpetual contract that obligates them to pay fees and maintenance for life.
  • Maintenance costs are increased year after year.
  • Many users who acquired fixed weeks on repeated occasions fail to enjoy their right to use the property due to lack of availability during high seasons.
  • The problem of resale of a timeshare has brought new fraudulent schemes into the market.
  • The timeshare market has attracted more “predators” who claim to be able to carry out the sale, cancellation and even reversal of the timeshare contracts. However, the reality is that their cancellations can cost too much and there is little follow-through.
  • Consumer protection laws differ from state to state and are applied in very different ways in each country. This means that what might work for some users, in the EU, for example, will not work in the US and other countries around the world.
  • Many or most of the results you get on Google or Bing show you sites focused on countries like the UK and the USA while online information that could be useful for residents in other countries, especially the developing ones, are very scarce.

Is it possible to cancel a perpetual timeshare contract?

Fortunately, there are already few “perpetual” contracts and currently, the contracts do not last more than 30 or 50 years. It is possible to terminate the perpetual contract, provided that you have been able to prove with your lawyer that the resort has failed to comply with the benefits it promised to provide.

How much will it cost me to settle a legal trial to cancel my contract?

Prices will vary depending on several factors such as client situation, exit company, resort, etc. Most likely, you have already confirmed this on your own.  There are those who have mortgages and those who only have only the maintenance fees remaining. Contracts also vary state to state. The price will be a bit more expensive in this industry because it takes several months to exit a timeshare and sometimes up to 18 months.
canceling my timeshare

How long does the process of canceling my timeshare take?

The ticket price in the exit industry ranges because it can take anywhere from 6-18 months to exit a timeshare. There are cases where exits can occur within 4 months of starting the exit process.  Try to stay clear of scams and be sure to speak with a company who offers a free consultation and who is willing to learn about your situation first. Only then should you be quoted fairly and accurately for your timeshare exit process.

There is no International Law that protects timeshare users

To this day, there is no single international law that governs, controls and even punishes resorts for carrying out bad practices to persuade their victims to sign contracts that will later be impossible to break. This is okay, that is why we are here to help. There are several methods we use to get rid of an unwanted timeshare, or, if necessary, cancel your membership if you don’t plan on using it.


Your timeshare may no longer fit your lifestyle, or you might have medical problems that hinder you from booking it on the days you want. If you need assistance with your timeshare elimination process, it is always a good idea to consult with an experienced professional to help you find the best solutions. This way, you have a smooth and successful cancellation. We are the pro’s at timeshare cancellation services and we love helping our customers lift the weight of a timeshare off their shoulders.

Canceling the Timeshare Contract: Consumer Dissatisfaction

Among these options, the most popular is to find an agent or external agency such as Timeshare Exit Pros to help you with the case, as there is a large number of people who are dissatisfied with their timeshare service. The causes of dissatisfaction are mainly for breach of the services offered in the first instance, such as assuring the client of a specific week of the year, and when trying to use it, the client cannot go on a vacation because the week is “busy” and he is left without much to do. As we all know, it is not always possible to change the vacation dates for one either for work or any other reason that influences it.


We believe that customers should always have a way to exit a contract that no longer works for them or their family. We also believe that services rendered should always be hassle-free and not an added frustration for a customer. This is why we have created our client portal so your exit experience is smooth without all the headaches.

Lawyers or Exit Companies? What is the best way to reverse or cancel a timeshare contract.

If the resort fails in only one of the compliance or benefits described in the legal document, that is, the contract, then the lawyers may have a basis to sue to cancel the agreement.  But how much does it cost to settle a legal claim against a resort to cancel a timeshare contract? The answer to this question is that the cost is unpredictable, but we can say that the expenses can amount to tens of thousands.

Lawyers or law firms will seek to terminate the contract legally through a deep and detailed search in your timeshare contract to locate one or more legal loopholes that give the necessary foundation to reverse the contract and even recover some of the money you have invested for months or maybe years. For example, they can review your contract to look for evidence of fraud. You might also exit your timeshare contract after the termination period if the company or seller has misrepresented the terms of the agreement or used misleading statements.

For example, the company could have lied about its interest rate or the number of times you can use the timeshare property. It can be very costly to hire a lawyer for cancel a timeshare contract. It might be a better option to use companies who specifically deal in timeshare cancellations.

Exiting Timeshare Is Not Easy. The Exit Pros Promise A Legitimate Exit Experience!

Timeshare Exit Pros will help you exit your timeshare in a safe and ethical manner. If you have an unwanted timeshare, give us a call for your free consultation so we can see if we are a good fit for you. Every situation is different which is why we have to first speak with you to see if you quality for our program. All timeshare exits are different depending on the situation and contract. There are over 9.5 million timeshare owners, many of whom are experienced the hardship. If you want us to try to help you get out of your timeshare so you can enjoy real dreams of financial and emotion freedom, contact us today!

We believe it’s extremely important for owners to have a legal, ethical and safe way to exit timeshare contracts. It is also important to exit our customers following a legitimate process as a timeshare burden may place added stress on families, relationships, mental well-being and your bank account. There is very little demand for timeshare resale (if any) and a majority of owners are not able to sell it online for even $1.00. Our goals is to help you find a permanent way out – A true Pro Exit Experience…

Don't Let Timeshare Get Passed To Your Loved Ones!

Financial Obligations and Recourse:

Financial and legal obligations are often the furthest thing from your mind during the passing of a loved one. It’s important to understand the timeshare contract to legal recourse or avoid penalties that can happen for late fees or breach of contract.

Inheritance Can Be Declined

Often through A disclaimer document, an inheritance can be declined. If you do not want ownership of the timeshare, you can choose to decline the inheritance, and in this case it would go to the next-of-kin. If this is denied, then the property would likely be foreclosed on and any debt would be paid through estate assets, if available. This means the heirs would not suffer from any damage to their credit which is typically associated with foreclosures. Let the Timeshare Exit Pro’s help you with all of this.

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