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Timeshare Exit Pros Release Client Pro Portal!

We understand our clients frustrations when it comes to timeshare contracts. You want to exit your contract safely and quickly, without the additional headaches and psychical paper work to fill out by hand like all other timeshare companies have you fill out.


In order to make your exit experience seamless and more efficient, we reinvest into new systems to streamline our process. As a result, we are proud to announce that we are the first Timeshare Exit Company to release a Pro Portal for Clients.  This allows for a quicker and more organized exit.


All documents needed for your exit process can be electronically submitted into our system via the Pro Portal. This is so they can be filed instantly and reviewed immediately. Unlike other timeshare exit companies, we ensure you do not have to go through any manual processes, fill out forms by hand or even send in multiple emails. All of these tasks become too time consuming and leave more room for error


Contact A Timeshare Exit Company: We specialize in timeshare exit and help people get rid of their unwanted timeshare safely, legally, and permanently. Feel free to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the exit process.


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Your Timeshare Exit Checklist!

Re-sale Homework: Do your research and try and see if there is any value for your timeshare. You can easily pull up your web browser and visit eBay, Redweek, etc. You can pull up sources you trust the most, as long as you are using reputable sources. It is very important to keep in mind, that if there are other units listed at your resort, it does not mean they are selling for that amount or selling quickly. We always recommend cancelling so you get rid of your timeshare permanently. If you sell you are still liable for the obligation. This is something timeshare sales companies will not disclose.

Resort Engagement: You can also try contacting the resorts. You will find that this is not easy and that you may be on a call with someone now trying to up-sell you, when you mentioned you wanted to transfer back ownership.  If you do upgrade, you now have two timeshare contracts that you are now obligated to financially.


Contact A Timeshare Exit Company: We specialize in timeshare exit and help people get rid of their unwanted timeshare safely, legally, and permanently. Feel free to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the exit process.


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The Pros vs. The Other Guys

It appears you are looking for a company to help you get out of your timeshare contract, but you cant seem to find a perfect fit.

No matter where you look, it’s the same PRO and CON situation. The same give and take, this and that, the good and the bad. We will help you make an easy decision by providing you real scenarios that our clients have shared with us during our initial discovery call. We record these scenarios to learn more about our competitors and to help educate our clients on what they might expect and what to avoid. We had requested our operations department to provide us a few scenarios to share with you.

Below you will find the top picks from our Exit Pros. Even if you do not choose our company to help you exit your timeshare, at least you will walk away with several great pointers!



  • PRO PICK 1: You find a company that seems more honest than the last, but they’re a bit slow at getting things together.
  • PRO PICK 2: You find a company that appears to have their ducks in a row, but they didn’t appear to be knowledgeable when you asked them specific questions regarding your situation.
  • PRO PICK 3: You find a company that is well-educated as well as honest. However, they are very expensive and during the initial stages, they ask you to find a notary in your area to notarize your documents.
  • PRO PICK 4: You find a company that makes you fill out a long survey by hand, rather than having a convenient online submission form you can submit digitally.


Keep an eye out for these scenarios during your online shopping. These are situations that we find are red flags and that will occur early on. Each scenario above represent a few of the below concerns:

  • Dishonest Behavior
  • Expensive Without Justification
  • Unorganized and/or Inefficient
  • Old Processes are associated with not being Up-to-date
  • Traditional forms are often warning signs of traditional thinking.
  • Not funding notary processes are sign of a struggling company.



At Timeshare Exit Pro’s, we are honest from start to finish.

We are 100% transparent and we provide our clients updates every step of the way. Our team is fast, organized and efficient because our company reinvests annual budgets into technology and automation developements. Canceling a timeshare is tough business, even for us as professionals. It is important that we place all our focus on the clients end goal and our company procedures. This way we do not spend our time and your money on traditional and tedious manual processes.

By doing so, we can put 100% focus on your cancellation and relieve our team from manual work, and at the same time cultivate an efficient environment to improve the speed of our process with zero room for error. In doing so, we are able to charge lower rates due to volume and increased automation. We are always on top of the industry and best practices and we keep an eye out for regulations and resort policies as well. If you have a question, it will be answered immediately. If we don’t know the answer off the top of our head, we will be sure to check with compliance and return with an answer same business day, after the information is confirmed correct.

Our customers will never be asked to locate a notary or pay for their own signatures. We have nationwide notaries that will visit you at your preferred location and they will call prior to penciling in a time that best fits YOUR schedule. As for the surveys, they are standard industry policy and are required to complete in order to safely and successfully help you exit your timeshare. The good news is the Timeshare Exit Pro’s have developed an online survey that you can conveniently complete at your own pace and easily submit your answers online.

Once the information is submitted into our system, our operations department will organize them into your file. You can forget about wrist pains and your Adobe PDF Reader freezing up on you before saving your answers. The pros have your covered!

85% of all owners regret their timeshare purchase and 100% of our customers are happy with their exit experience.



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Notary Public Pros Nationwide, Funded and Provided By Timeshare Exit Pros

Most timeshare exit companies have their clients cover the cost of the notary process. Some charge their clients for each signature and others will ask you to find your own local notary and have you handle all the paperwork.

At Timeshare Exit Pros, you can forget about that inconvenience. When it comes to customer satisfaction and convenience, we’ve got you covered. Each case varies, but we assist anyway we can in order to help you complete what is needed. This will also depend on locality. 

You have been scammed and pressured into your timeshare and you are looking for honest help. We get it, and we’re here to handle all of the additional foot work for you.

We dont just say this, we prove it! Our company is the first and only exit company to have Mobile Notary Public Pros visit our customers. We have Mobile Notary professionals across the nation who are able to lawfully notarize any and all paperwork to begin your exit process.

Our company will assign the closest mobile notary team member and organize everything for you, and we will also fund the entire process! We will have our mobile notaries come to YOUR location, because YOU are the priority…

  • We do not have any hidden fees or add additional fees to cancel your timeshare contract. 
  • We will not ask you to use your valuable time locating a notary. 
  • Our company will assign a Notary Pro in your area and have them schedule a time to come to your preferred location that is convenient for you!
  • We will fully fund the entire notary process and we will do it for unlimited signatures.
  • Our company streamlines every process which makes your exit experience simple, efficient, quicker, and more convenient.
  • Our notary team will leave you with hard copies and and we will have digital copies sent to our office to begin the next steps.

This is another service perk from simply choosing our company to help you with your exit! If you are looking to exit your timeshare contract, feel free to visit our pre-approval page to see if you qualify! APPLY TO QUALIFY.

Remember, you do not need to hire an attorney to cancel your timeshare contracts. Save your money and increase your odds by hiring seasoned professionals that will help you exit your timeshare safely, or your money-back

Have A Safe Exit Experience!

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A Perfect Timeshare Cancellation Letter


Are you looking to cancel your timeshare? If you’re like most our customers who have been pressured into a timeshare, the answer is yes.

Over 80% of all owners regret their timeshare purchase.


Timeshares are not valuable assets, in other words a bad investment. The associated fees accumulate overtime, and buyers always feel a majority of the facts were not provided at the time of sale. The good news is there are ways to exit your timeshare! If you find that your timeshare purchase was a mistake after signing the contract, you might be able to revoke the contract. If you are lucky and you are able to revoke the contract, then you can exit out of your timeshare contract without the exit pros, because you already handled the first pro step!  You should also be reimbursed any money spent. If time has past and you cannot cancel the contract, you can try writing a letter on your own.


You will find that most people waste time, effort and energy doing this and that letters do not work. This is where the exit pros step in and work with the resorts effortlessly to get your contract canceled. If you follow the step below and write a perfect timeshare cancellation letter and it still does not work, simply give us a call at 866-883-5329 and we will help you exit safely, legally and ethically – FOREVER!



PRO EXIT TIP 1: Identify the length of your rescission period and how long it lasts

The first thing you’ll want to do is to find out how long your rescission period is. It ranges from 3 to 15 days in most states, so you won’t have a lot of time to spare even in the best circumstances. Look at your contract to find out how much time you have. If the rescission period hasn’t expired yet, the contract should tell you what you need to do to cancel your timeshare contract. Follow the instructions in the contract exactly! Some contracts will contain a timeshare cancellation form that you can fill out and send in. Or, you may need to send a timeshare rescission letter.


PRO EXIT TIP 2: Writing the timeshare rescission letter

Here are the steps you can take if you need to send a timeshare cancellation letter (rescission) to the resort (developer). It will need to contain the following:

  1. The timeshare contract number.
  2. The names on the timeshare contract.
  3. The name of the timeshare company.
  4. The date you purchased your timeshare.
  5. The reason you’re writing. (be specific)
  6. Add a request of money paid to be returned and for your loan to be canceled, if applicable.
  7. Sign and date the letter.

Include all of the above in your letter and do not give them a reason to deny your request.

You will want to send this cancellation letter as soon as possible because time is of the essence. There will be an address on your contract. You will want to use that as sometimes there are different addresses associated with the timeshare.

Lastly, you will want to send it by certified mail. This way you have proof of delivery and receipt within the time period.


PRO EXIT TIP 3: Verify and double confirm your timeshare cancellation.

If you receive a confirmation that your timeshare contract has been canceled, then you are all set. You did it all by yourself and you are an exit pro! If several weeks go by and you have not received word, contact the resort and try to see if something is hindering the the rescission/cancellation. Again, you can write this letter on your own, but it’s never so easy and not as clear cut as it may seem. The process is negotiation and time consuming. It’s very important to make sure that you contact seasoned professionals before you send or say something you cannot undo.


You do not need to hire an attorney. There is no course for timeshare law. Hire the Timeshare Exit Pros today and save a bundle!


Remember, if the recession period passes then you’ll definitely need take other action to end your timeshare contract. There are other options and methods, but be sure to hire seasoned professionals if needed which you can find more information here.


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What To Know About Exiting With A Pro


Timeshare contracts are stressful, we know. It sounded like a dream resort package and soon turned into a nightmare. The good news is that we will be your dream catcher and destroy every last one of your timeshare nightmares.

The Timeshare Exit Pros difference is all about service, transparency and efficiency. We want to keep our happy and in the loop at all times. We will provide you a professional, safe and ethical exit and we can do this quicker than our competitors.

The question is, how do we do this? What makes us more special?



Our team has streamlined our back-office process and infused the experience of our senior professionals with our new savvy development specialists. This has improved our process and automation initiatives. We use modern tools and software to get your exit started the SAME DAY!

Our timeshare elimination consultants have one mission: To serve our clients with integrity and honesty while bringing a piece of mind that comes from relieving them of their timeshare obligation!



The timeshare industry has spent a tremendous amount of time and money to delay, confuse and deter you from canceling your timeshare contract. Our team of timeshare exit professionals act as your consumer advocate and will work tirelessly to free you from your timeshare contract, mortgage, and maintenance fee bill.

Remember, you do not need a lawyer to exit your timeshare contract and you can read more here.


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You Don’t Need To Overpay A Lawyer to Cancel Your Timeshare Contract

There are a lot of scams in the timeshare industry, including the resorts, exit companies and resell companies. Even with all the noise, there are good companies too.

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Home Vs Timeshare Mortgage

Home Mortgages vs. Timeshare Mortgages

The word “mortgage” carries various connotations. One may cringe at the debt they’ve acquired because of a mortgage, while another may rejoice over it because it means they’re entering a new chapter in their life of home ownership. Regardless, there are a plethora of resources and services dedicated to educating consumers about the pros and cons of home mortgages. Most of these resources are also held to maintain ethical practices that serve to help borrowers find the best solution to align with their current financial situation. Unfortunately, this practice isn’t followed across the board; timeshare mortgage processes are a completely different story.

In relation to home mortgages, the relationship of lender and borrower doesn’t end after one meeting. It’s typical for background checks, employment verification, and even courses that need to be completed before any home mortgage agreements are signed. This is a thorough process because lenders want to protect themselves and the consumer from any liabilities they can’t afford. The process for mortgage loans to own real estate is a distinguishing difference between home and timeshare mortgages.

We’ve heard of the dreaded timeshare presentation. Some consumers have shared stories where they were lured into what was advertised as a quick walk-through of their resort that turned into 4-5 hour long interrogations. Unfortunately, this experience usually ends in some consumers signing up for a timeshare that they can’t afford. This includes dropping thousands of dollars for a down payment and possibly signing up for a credit card or loan owned by the timeshare or referred third party on the spot.

A mortgage application for a timeshare doesn’t require the same or similar procedure that other real estate mortgages do, which hurts the consumer. Although home mortgages are often higher costs than timeshares, consequences of failing to pay back the lender as timeshare owners and home owners are comparable. For instance, if a timeshare or home owner defaults on payment it can end up in foreclosures, bankruptcy, and even wage garnishments. Some lending businesses won’t mortgage timeshares because they are considered high-risk lending. The average interest rate on a timeshare mortgage is 14% while the average interest rate on a home mortgage is only 4.59%¹. It truly sheds light on the risks timeshare developers put on consumers since they aren’t pre-qualifying the financial stability of the families they approach to purchase timeshares.

Another large contrast between having a mortgage on a home verses a mortgage on a timeshare, is that as the home owner, you are the sole benefactor of the property. As a timeshare owner, your mortgage funds the developer. ARDA reported in 2016 that 79% of resorts offer some form of rental program². Imagine having to pay your home mortgage while others were being allowed to use your property and utilities without having the same financial responsibilities you did, and their payment of usage went directly to the mortgage lender instead of you as an owner. Now imagine how it would feel if your lender said you couldn’t access your home because third parties had already reserved use of it.

The value between home mortgages and timeshare mortgages is also a large difference. If a home owner is ready to move onto another home, they can list their house on the market, and more often than not, there’s equity to reap from the sale. The timeshare sale process on the other hand is limited and again is another poorly regulated industry. Several consumers have fallen into timeshare resale scams. Most people who can exit their timeshare successfully usually don’t receive any money back, despite what they’ve been told during the sales presentation.

We urge consumers to educate themselves before signing into a timeshare mortgage. These are legally binding contracts that unfortunately are not heavily regulated as other consumer purchases. No company should pressure you on what you should or shouldn’t purchase without allowing you to sleep on it before making a decision. If you are thinking of purchasing a timeshare, take the time to research the terms of the contract, and make sure timeshare ownership makes sense for your financial standing as well as your lifestyle before making the purchase.

Remember: even if the channel you’re considering is all the rage right now, it might not fit your brand. Always make informed decisions that directly relate to your company. Otherwise, your message won’t be delivered to its intended audience and you’ll have wasted time, effort and money.

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Tips To Get Started

  1. Research if your timeshare has any value on the re-sale market.To do so, you can use sites such as Redweek or Ebay. However, it is important to keep the following information in mind:
  • Even though there may be other units listed at your resort, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are sellingfor that amount or quickly.
  • If you go this route, research the company you choose to work with thoroughly. There are many unscrupulous companies that charge an upfront listing fee, with no guarantee of sale.
  • You will also want to ensure that the sale is properly handled so that you’re no longer legally responsible for the timeshare.
  1. Contact your resort. Some people find that they are able to exit by dealing with their resort directly. Explain that you no longer want your timeshare and would like to transfer back your ownership.

However, we recommend being very aware during this call as they may use this as an opportunity to try to upgrade you. Consider that if you upgrade, you now likely have two timeshare contracts and are still financially obligated, only for more money!

  1. Contact Timeshare Exit Pros. We specialize in helping people exit their unwanted timeshare safely, legally, and permanently. You can schedule a free consultationto learn more about the exit process.

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The True Cost Of Owning a Timeshare

How much would you pay for an annually recurring week-long vacation? Does a $22,000 price tag with 14% interest and an additional $970 fee each year sound like a good deal?

It shouldn’t, but those numbers are standard in the timeshare industry, according to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). While many timeshare resorts tell potential buyers that they’ll save money over time, simple math shows that those promises just don’t add up. Timeshare resorts assure travelers convenient recurring trips, but in the age of the sharing economy where affordable short-term rentals are available, the arrangement makes less sense.

Let’s walk through a typical timeshare pitch:

A resort will usually lure you in with a free dinner, concert tickets or extended vacation stay to distract you from the fact that you’re making a considerable life decision on the spot. You can’t pay for the unit upfront? No worries! The timeshare developer often can offer you a loan. But not so fast – these loans often come with very high interest rates. As previously mentioned, ARDA reports that the average timeshare loan has a 14 percent interest rate over a 10 year mortgage term. Would you pay 14% interest on your home loan? On top of that, all timeshares also come with property maintenance fees, which average about $970 a year, according to ARDA. The worst part? They don’t stay stagnant. ARDA estimates an average increase in maintenance fees at 5 percent per year, a rate so high that the amount you ultimately end up paying in uncapped maintenances fees quickly outpaces what your timeshare is actually worth.

To compare the costs between an outdated timeshare rental and more modern accommodation booking methods, we’ve run the numbers to look at how much the same vacation would cost consumers if they were to opt for an Airbnb or hotel instead. Turns out, it’s about half the cost. But don’t take our word for it – Consumer Reports has run a similar analysis.

When deciding between timeshare ownership or other shorter-term vacation options, it’s important to think of a timeshare purchase as a lifestyle purchase. When you consider depreciation, travel costs and maintenance fees, and the uncertainty of use, the concept of “prepaying” for your vacations may not pencil out when compared to more modern options. Just run the numbers.

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