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Timeshare Exit Pros: The Safest and Legal Way to Exit Timeshares

The day of timeshare is almost done. At this point, it’s almost universally accepted that the “investment” opportunity is a deceptive tactic used by the resorts. If you’re looking to prepay for your hotel or resort for your holidays to the same destination year in and year out and you have money to give-away then maybe timeshare might be for you, but it’s far more likely that a couple of years down the line you’re going to want out. This is the point when you find out how horrendously difficult it is to exit from timeshare contracts.


How to Legally Exit Timeshare

There is now a growing trend of timeshare exit and support services because before now, it was notoriously hard to do. These contracts are ironclad and designed to keep unwitting customers locked into financial obligations that they did not expect and even after they have decided they want out, it’s very difficult for them to cancel, sell, give-away, or exit. The only legal way to exit from timeshare contracts is to have it mutually canceled by both parties and the only way to successfully pursue this outcome is by hiring a professional service like Timeshare Exit Pros who specialize in just that.

The situation is made worse by a growing number of services, and websites who want to kick you down and profit of the naivety and lost hope of those looking to exit from timeshare contracts. Sites are promising to sell your timeshare or rent it out for a small service charge or fee, fakes buyers are offering ridiculous amounts of cash, but the reality is you can’t and shouldn’t sell your timeshare. If you take the time to look you’ll see people trying to give them away or sell them for a $1. When the market goes that low do you think you’re going to make a profit?


Give up on making a Profit, Give up On Recouping Your Losses

The cold hard fact of the matter is this; if you were sold your timeshare as an investment opportunity you have been deceived. It is not the same as investment in property or a holiday home, effectively you own nothing except a deed that holds you legally accountable for monthly mortgage repayments and annual maintenance fees. All a timeshare will do over time is depreciate and become even harder for you to get rid of it. The only fast and legal time to try to exit from timeshare contracts is in the first few days when you can use rescission law to cancel the contract.


Getting Out As Quick As Possible

Companies like Timeshare Exit Pros will work on arranging the quickest way for their clients to legally exit timeshare contracts. They do this by leveraging the law and having the contract canceled or annulled directly from Developer it was taken purchased from. The faster you can cancel your contract, the fewer mortgage payments and maintenance fees you will have paid. This will show you tremendous savings on your timeshare, allowing you to use that money to travel freely without the hassle of yearly fees that continue to rise annually or bi-annually.


Why You Shouldn’t/Can’t Sell a Timeshare

First, as mentioned above, there is no legitimate market for buying timeshares. Just as you want out of yours for whatever reason is behind that decision, nobody wants to buy it for the same reason. You are not offering something of value and nor is there a shortage of other people trying to do the same thing. So even if you could find a legitimate buyer and not get unfortunately roped into yet another scam, you’re going to have to give it away. Anyone selling you a dream of recouping your loss or turning a profit is selling you a lie.

Second, even if you did manage to “sell” your timeshare you are still legally bound to the monthly mortgage payments and maintenance fees. The only way to legally pass off a timeshare contract is with a quitclaim deed and if the new “owner” misses a payment or decides they don’t want to pay in the first place, it reverts right back to you. These timeshare contracts are filled with horrible clauses like this which is why so many people are looking to legally exit timeshare obligations.


Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee of Safe and Quick Exit

There is no such thing as a hassle-free exit from timeshare contracts, but here at Timeshare Exit Pros, we take on all of that stress so that you don’t have to. We have a specialized and expert team who knows the process of timeshare elimination like the back of their hand and we can guarantee your satisfaction in a swift and safe exit. This is why if we take longer than advertised or fail you in any way we will give you back our consulting fee.  

Trying to navigate the minefield of timeshare contract law on your own is not impossible but it would be quite the headache, hiring a lawyer to go to bat for your behalf would be incredibly expensive. Timeshare Exit Pros offers an affordable and safe exit process.




How Can I Get Out Of My Timeshare?

The only legal way to get out of a timeshare is to have it canceled. This is because in most cases selling it will still leave you liable if the new owner cannot or won’t make the necessary payments on it. To have it canceled, you will have to deal directly with the timeshare providers and see what options are available or hire timeshare exit and support services such as Timeshare Exit Pros.


What Is The Average Cost To Get Out Of A Timeshare?

The range of costs offered by timeshare exit and support services ranges from $2,000 to $12000 there is no accepted fee and even with those services, it can take years to actually legally exit timeshare contracts. Here at Timeshare Exit Pros we try to offer an affordable and guaranteed quick exit and believe our services to be the best on the market. Contact us today for a quote.


What Happens To Timeshare When You Die?

It depends on the contract you signed but most timeshare contracts have perpetual clause that legally have the timeshare passed onto your heirs or family members. If it cannot be passed on then whatever assets you have will be used to reclaim the debt. Timeshare contracts are essentially eternal and even if you die with one still hanging over your head it doesn’t end there.


What Happens If I Stop Paying My Timeshare?

If you stop making your obligated payments on the loan or maintenance fees for your timeshare, you will be sued, foreclosed, or handed off to a third-party debt repayment service. The law will, unfortunately, be on the side of the contract and any court proceedings will likely side with the timeshare or loan provider.


What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of My Timeshare?

The best and only legal way of getting rid of a timeshare is by having it canceled from the hotel, resort, or organization you purchased it from. This can be a difficult and confusing process, which is why companies such as Timeshare Exit Pros have specialized in doing it on behalf of their customers.


Don’t Buy Timeshare and If You Do Read the Small Print Carefully

The best way to make sure you never have to go through the stress and headache of getting rid of your timeshare is to never buy-in in the first place. If you’re reading this because you’re considering a timeshare then please consider the advice of our clients and don’t. We have helped with far too many incredibly disappointed and outraged people who just want to put the entire ordeal behind them.

To legally exit a timeshare if there is a buyback scheme or system set up by those providing the timeshare then look into that first. After this is you are out of the rescission period then you’ll need to hire professional help. If you’re looking to get rid of your timeshare then chat with a member of our team today to find out how we can help you legally exit timeshare and not have to worry about them ever again. Our expert team will walk you through the process and keep you constantly updated with our progress and our money-back guarantee is proof we will get you the result you want as quickly as we can.


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What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Timeshare Legally?

Owning a timeshare is what financial expert Dave Ramsay has described as a “stupid tax”. If you’re reading this because you’re thinking about getting one, don’t! Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is if you’re reading this it’s already likely too late.

Timeshares are a notoriously poor investment with hidden costs, maintenance fees, and lack of use seeing many customers frantically trying to get rid of them once they realize the truth. But what is the best way to get rid of a timeshare legally? Knowing what you know, it would be neither moral nor legal to sell it off to another unwitting buyer, so what are your options?

In this article, we’re going to look into a few of the ways to get rid of a timeshare legally and some of the options you’ll want to avoid. Read on if you need some advice in getting rid of an unwanted timeshare.

Rescission Period

In most states, the quickest, easiest, and best legal action to take to is to cancel your timeshare while you’re still in the rescission period. The length of time the rescission period will last will vary from state to state so this should be the first thing you check, although the average is usually only 5-10 days after purchase. If you’re lucky enough to have realized as early as within the 5-10 days after purchase, then you need to send the resort a letter via certified mail that you bought the timeshare and tell them that you would like to rescind your contract as you are still in the rescission period.

There might be slight variances in the proper procedure but it should all be detailed in whatever literature or contract you were given when you were sold the timeshare. This method of canceling your timeshare is legal, safe, and effective, but only available to those who came to their senses in a fairly quick fashion. It was put into law to help combat the overly pushy and scary sales pitches that have unfortunately become commonplace in the industry and provide customers with a clean way out even if they were bullied into a contract. It isn’t for those who have realized the timeshares lack of worth later down the line, so how can they get rid of their timeshares?

Contact a Timeshare Exit Expert

Here at Timeshare Exit Pros, we know that the only legal and proper way to get rid of your timeshare is to have it canceled directly and mutually with whomever you purchased it from. We have a team of experts who excel at getting that contract canceled as quickly and cleanly as possible. We have built a reputation for ourselves and most companies we deal with know that we won’t quit until we’ve gotten our customers free of the timeshare and so most fold fairly early in negotiations.

There are several laws put into place to protect customers from shady timeshare deals and contracts that are fairly iron-bound, we leverage these rules and regulations to negotiate a cancellation of the contract on your behalf. Whereas resale sites require maintenance fees for the listing or further investment on top of the money pit that is the timeshare itself, we show results and achieve resolution quickly and at an affordable cost.

Give It Back Direct To the Hotel or Resort You Bought It From

As the industry is slowly shifting towards more safeguards and regulations regarding timeshares there has been a shift from some of the hotels and resorts selling them to save face. This means that a growing number of those hotels and resorts now have their buy-back schemes or exit programs advertised. If you’re lucky (or unlucky as the case may be) enough to have a timeshare with a hotel or resort that is offering a scheme like this whilst you might not make money or even recoup your losses, it’s a clean exit at least.

The process, reimbursement, and stipulations for these programs will differ from resort to resort but you should explore them fully before you turn to less trustworthy or potentially illegitimate dealers or websites found on Craigslist. The internet is rife with deals and offers by companies and customers claiming they will buy your timeshare for you relying on the desperation and lack of good information available to panicked customers. So what shouldn’t you do to try and get rid of your timeshare?

How Not To Get Rid Of Your Timeshare

Selling It

Believe it or not, but if you look through the contract you were given when you first purchased your timeshare you’re likely to find out that the only legal way for the owner to transfer the timeshare is through a quitclaim deed. Now the quitclaim deed transfers the title but not the obligation to pay the monthly mortgage or annual maintenance fees. This means if the new owner decides to stop paying, it reverts right back to you to legally cover those costs.

So selling, renting, or even just giving the deed away, even if you do manage to find someone willing to take it off your hands, doesn’t get rid of the legal tie to the timeshare at all. Some sites that claim to do the work on your behalf know this information fully well and maybe looking to illegitimately profit off of two misinformed parties at once whilst not taking any of the risks themselves.

Renting It

There are many sites and scams that claim they can sell your timeshare or rent it out for a profit. When customers first come to the realization of just what a poor choice the timeshare was, any promise of recouping that loss or even turning a tidy sum in profit is going to seem incredibly appealing. Unfortunately, that is precisely how scams work and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Most of these sites will tell you they have buyers lined up and that it will be a quick and easy process they just need a membership fee or some money upfront to list it. This is when you quickly turn the other way.

It is one of the most distressing and painful truths that human beings will happily profit off of the misfortune of others and just the same as overdraft fees those who are already hurting seem to have the target squarely on their back. If you want to get rid of your timeshare because of the hurt it provides financially, the last thing you want to do is pay more fees and more monthly memberships to try and alleviate it.

Give It Away

You shouldn’t and wouldn’t give away a timeshare for all the reasons listed above. Not only would you still be ultimately liable for monthly mortgage or any potential maintenance fees, but you would also be burdening another human being with something that you know isn’t worth the money it costs. There are many different reasons why you would want to get rid of your timeshare, and they don’t all apply to everyone, but think very carefully if the investment would be worth it for them? Even if you gave it to them for “free”.

Timeshares are unfortunately targeted at those that cannot afford them and so even if you think you can, you can’t. Unless you’re the type of person who can pay the timeshare off in cash up front, it’s never going to be worth taking out a loan or the interest on that loan. Most timeshare sellers even sell you their credit line so that they can extract gain from you two ways.

Is A Timeshare A Good Investment?

A timeshare shouldn’t be labeled an investment at all. An investment implies that you will make your money back at some point or that you might even make a profit out of the deal. This might be true for a holiday home or investing in property portfolios, but that’s not what you’re doing with a timeshare.

Essentially you are pre-paying for a stay at a resort or a hotel. On top of what you would pay to stay there, you now have to factor in the loan interest, the maintenance fees, and a monthly mortgage. So when they “treat” you to a “free” week at the hotel or resort you should do the math and figure out if it would have been cheaper to buy the room direct. More often than not… it is.


Contact a member of our helpful and expert team today to talk to us about how we can get your timeshare canceled legally and quickly. Canceling is the only legitimate way to do so outside of the rescission period and we can make that happen for you.

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