A portal created just for you for an easier and more efficient exit experience! 

We are the first and only timeshare exit company who has developed a portal for their customers and we are proud to announce it! Other timeshare exit companies are still using traditional methods which are much slower and causes to much room for error.


We understand our clients frustrations when it comes to timeshare contracts. You want to exit your contract safely and quickly, without the additional headaches. As much as we would love to handle it all, there are items we will need to request from you during the early stages. In order to make it easy and more efficient, we created this portal to streamline the process for a quicker exit! We invest annual budgets back into our company to make our clients life easier and to improve our overall exit process.

  • Customer Exit Survey Submission
  • Notarized Authorization  Submission
  • Notarized Power of Attorney Submission
  • Photo Identification Submission
  • Contract & Maintenance Fee Summary Submission
  • Mortgage Statement Submission (if applicable)
Our online Customer Exit Survey Form is simple and can be submitted directly to us for quick processing. Part 1 & 2 will be needed within the first 4-7 days. The remaining sections will need to be completed in full within the first 14 days of on-boarding with us.
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Please use this section to upload your notarized Authorization and Power of Attorney (POA) forms. You will also need to upload your Photo ID's during this process. We will need photo ID's for each name on the contract. If there are two people on the contract, we will need both ID's
, CLIENT PRO PORTAL, Timeshare Exit Pros
Please use this section to upload your timeshare contract, maintenance fee summary and mortgage statements (if applicable). You will also be able to submit additional information or documentation on this section. These documents will be submitted directly to us for processing.
, CLIENT PRO PORTAL, Timeshare Exit Pros
, CLIENT PRO PORTAL, Timeshare Exit Pros