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We genuinely enjoy helping timeshare owners. We’ll introduce ourselves, answer your questions and discuss your situation. Whether you have a pending mortgage or your timeshare is paid off, we can help. So, if you’re finally ready to get this done and over with, give us a brief call or fill out the quick form below and we can discuss your eligibility! 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Names are removed from timeshares only after release. 

We are consumer advocates. Timeshare Exit Pros is not a transfer, donation or resale company. We assist and negotiate the release of your timeshare contract obligation. Simply put, we will help you safely, legally and ethically exit your timeshare contract forever. We do not buy, sell, or rent your timeshare.

Unfortunately, the timeshare exit industry is a completely unregulated marketplace, which makes it difficult for consumers to seek a way out. Several exit options are not consumer facing, which means they are not available to the public and/or cost prohibitive. We assemble a professional team from our exclusive network of partners who will negotiate or transfer ownership to get you out of your timeshare. 

Usually less than 12 months, but it all depends on your situation. If your timeshare is free and clear with no mortgage, then the process may only take 3-9 months.

Speak to your advisor about the time, and what delays the resorts have put into place to prevent timeshare owners from departing their ownership. If you have a mortgage or past due maintenance fee, the process takes more time.

This may not be what you want to hear, but whether you paid $5,000 or $60,000 for your timeshare, the IRS will still value all timeshares as worthless investments with negative value. Moreover, timeshare would have a negative value because of the annual maintenance fee’s which compounds year after year. These annoying annual fees can be a Pain in your Past! Simply reach out to an Exit Pro and we will explain how. We give you our Exit Pro Promise!

The answer is YES. It does not matter if you bought your timeshare 30 days ago or 20 years ago, Timeshare Exit Pros has an exit solution for you and we’re here to help.

Recovering previous funds spent has been done in rare cases. However, it’s best to beware of any cancellation companies that try to promise you fund reimbursement. Truth of the matter is, timeshare companies do not like to give back the money they’ve already taken from you and your family.

Cancel With The Exit Pro's

The process of timeshare elimination is what we specialize in, and we make it simple. We free our client’s from timeshare faster than any other provider and we’re more affordable! Our Exit Pro’s infuse their industry experience with technology to automate and streamline the exit process.

This improves speed and efficiency for a much quicker exit and allows us to do it at reasonable rates. We have found the answers and your solutions by leveraging consumer protection laws along with our proven process, which ultimately forces vacation ownership back onto the timeshare companies. We utilize our extensive knowledge and experience to find the most effective ways to cancel a timeshare specifically tailored to each client – Exit your timeshare obligation forever.

During our complimentary consultation, you will be informed if you qualify for our program or not. We don’t use pressure tactics and we don’t include any fine print in our service agreements, which we will read through together for complete transparency. Even better, we use several lines of communication such as phone, e-mail, and even text messaging.

Free Yourself Forever!
End Your Timeshare Now:
** By submitting this "Free Consultation" form, I consent to be contacted by Timeshare Exit Pros.

Your information is 100% secure and encrypted. 

Our Promise, Pro Process And Ethical Approach.
Exiting a timeshare is not simple back-and-forth with timeshare companies on the topic of “misrepresentation”. It takes industry knowledge, past experiences and an ethical approach to cancel a timeshare contract successfully with your resort. We read our agreement with you and include a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.
We used to be no different than your average cancellation company. Our rates were high and we used the same traditional methods that companies still use today. These old methods slow down the exit process, and when you’re in the business of helping people its important to help quickly. This is when we did competitive research and invested annual budgets into automation in order to streamline our process. Our volume allows us to charge lower rates and help our clients exit more efficiently.
Today, Timeshare Exit Pros have developed a strong reputation for being more affordable, Responsive and efficient. We can close cases and have our clients out of their timeshare earlier than the average elimination company. When our satisfied clients get to a point where they decide to make their timeshare go away – they give us a call. You may be at that point right now. It would be our pleasure to help relieve you of the burden of your timeshare. 
Meet George.
Staying Well-Informed!

There are companies out there that mislead and promise the world, but do not deliver, such as timeshare re-sellers and resorts. We are seasoned experts and professionals at timeshare cancellation. You were misled by timeshare salespeople and we understand how customers can be a bit on edge. If you decide to call us for a consultation, rest assured you will get a consultation. You will not be pressured or obligated to work with us. At TEP, we’re here to help you EXIT timeshare, not sell it.

We take the utmost pride in our customer service, consumer satisfaction, and out-performance. You will speak to seasoned professional that will know exactly how to cancel your timeshare, rather than a robot on the other end of the line. We go the extra mile when assisting our customers and we do this by helping you protect you credit, in some cases repair your credit if needed. We provide documented proof of other customers in your exact same situation!
At Timeshare Exit Pros, we pride ourselves on our hands-on, boutique-style customer service. Better yet, we read through our agreement with you so it’s fully transparent. Every new client is assigned a case manager whose job is to keep you in the loop throughout the entire cancellation process. Your case manager is always just a phone call away.

Each case is different from the next. This is why we speak to our customers over the phone to discuss your situation, or you may complete one of the forms on our website. Either way, a seasoned exit representative will call you and discuss your options. Timeshare contract are obligations and cancelling them is not an easy process. We help you through it.

Absolutely not! Timeshare Exit Pros does not sell timeshares or upgrades. Our purpose is to get you/your family out of your timeshare. 

Google Review Feed

    review rating 5  The process was quicker than I thought. It was easy and everything I needed to gather was requested in an organized fashion. I received periodic updates which made me a comfortable all the way through. The team was very professional and respectful. They really do have tons of knowledge and if my husband asked them a question and they were not familiar with the situation, they made it a point to get back to us same day. All communication by email was clear and directions were easy to follow. I followed their plan and guidance and I was able to exit successfully! It was several months after, but it’s a process and one that is well worth it! Give them a call vs email, you will get an idea of who you are going to be working with. I highly recommend Time share ExitPros as a trusted and safe way to end a horrible product!

    thumb Stephanie Matlock

    review rating 5  I was a very skeptical of being able to actually get out of my timeshare but Vincent and his team over delivered. He was professional and adressed all of my concerns. Thank you for finally helping me get out of these fees after 13 years! Amen!

    thumb Gabriel Bou

    review rating 5  Wow! Raymond was awesome! Thank you for making the process so simple. Never had issue getting in contact with Ray He was so informative and got us out of this nightmare faster than we expected. If anyone is looking to get out of timeshare these guys are your best bet. Thanks again

    thumb Jonathan Scocco

A Piece Of Mind...

The Resorts are good at getting you into timeshare, but we are the pro’s in getting you out! Although, hiring an attorney is an option, it would cost your heavy retainer fee’s and you would not be provided a money-back guarantee. The odds of a successful turnout in your favor would be around 40% – 50%. Don’t gamble these odds and make sure your agreement includes a customer protection program. You don’t need to hire a lawyer to get out of your timeshare obligation. There is no such thing as timeshare law, so don’t pay high attorney fee’s without a money-back guarantee.

A Better Experience

For decades Timeshare companies have developed methods and ploys to trap consumers and push them into purchasing their product. Those methods don’t only continue to develop but get worse. Timeshare Exit Pros found success with an ethical approach with the resorts, while staying ahead of these developments. This is what makes us a leader in our industry. We have our customers best interest at heart and we a proud to be a reputable and trustworthy name in the timeshare cancellation space and referenced on Google’s top 10 as the nations, “best timeshare cancellation company.”



** By submitting this "Free Consultation" form, I consent to be contacted by Timeshare Exit Pros.

Your information is 100% secure and encrypted. 

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