Vacation On Your Own Terms...
Exit Education Recap:

Below we have listed a few things to help you on your journey to Freedom: 

    • • Do your research and find a company that specializes in legitimate timeshare cancellations
    • • Be careful of companies who only run Google Ads as they can be purchased by anyone
    • • Be aware of companies with several hundred reviews, as it might be too good to be true
    • • Reviews can be bought and if exit companies have more reviews than a fortune 500 company – something is fishy
    • • Seeing the same company everywhere online doesnt mean it’s trusted or reputable – It’s a simple marketing technique called “Re-targeting” 

Feel free to save our customer service line (866-883-5329) in your phone as: “Ask TEP.” You now have your pro tips and our number stored in your phone at the top for a quick reference! If you need help exiting your timeshare or when you find that selling your timeshare was not a great idea, give us a call and we will help you with your exit. We will only be a call or text away!

Even if you choose not to store our number you can find us again by searching Google for search terms like “Best Timeshare Cancellation Company” or “Timeshare Exit Solutions.” You will find us on the very first page beneath the Google Ads, where Google lists it’s most trusted and reputable companies first. 

Google’s job is to provide it’s visitors the best experience. They do this by providing the best sources first. No company is better at this than Google which is why they have 93% market share. Searching beneath the Google Ads is a great way to dodge scams and find official top-rated companies – Anyone can pay for paid-ads like Facebook and Google Ads. 

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We help timeshare owners who can’t help themselves and when their timeshares no longer fit their lifestyle. We also help those who have tried to sell their timeshares with no luck, which is very common. We help customers who seek our help. We do not convince people to cancel their timeshares and if you enjoy your timeshare we encourage you to keep it! We are in business because exiting a timeshare is not easy so we handle the exit process for those who do not wish to take on such a daunting, careful and complex process. Timeshare elimination is not easy for the inexperienced and it is very tough to navigate. If you say or send in something you can’t retract, you might end up making matters worse. Exit options are not customer facing and you don’t want to make a complex process, more convoluted later.  There are no guarantees when you choose to sell your timeshare. It’s important to understand how timeshare contracts are drafted. You will notice they are setup in a specific way where the owner can only transfer the timeshare through a quitclaim deed.

A quitclaim deed only transfers the title and it does not transfer the monthly payment obligations for your mortgage or annual maintenance fees. Timeshare resale will cost you more money and only delay the inevitable, which is to cancel your timeshare outright. If the new owners were to quit paying, you could still be held responsible for those payments.