How to Get Out Of Your Timeshare Legally

Sometimes, timeshares can turn out to do more harm than good. If you wake up one day and decide to sell your timeshare, you’ll find that it is easier said than done. Once you’ve been tricked into a timeshare policy, selling it for profit or at the original purchase price is almost an impossibility. You might be the next victim of property predators in the industry and that will not be any fun for you or your loved ones.

During our consultation, we will discuss your situation for a better understanding and address your questions. If requested, we also provide proof of release documents. During the call you will have the option to speak with our representatives who will educate you on the do’s and don’t on timeshare exit. In most cases, scammers disguise themselves as “agencies” on the internet. They will tell your they sell timeshares on listing sites and can help you get out of your contract. 

Timeshare Exit Solutions

The reality is that timeshare owners list them for a dollar on sites like eBay and still cant sell them. Even if you managed to sell your timeshare for $1.00 or give it away for free, you may be responsible for the obligation if the buyers chooses they no longer want it. This is because the contracts are drawn up as a quitclaim deed. The best option is canceling your timeshare contract outright. At Timeshare Exit Pros, we cancel timeshares ethically and we do it at a reasonable price.


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What Timeshare Entails?

The so-called real estate timeshare is, in fact, a particular type of contract, with which the buyer-consumer (the so-called multi-owner) purchases from a seller-professional the right to enjoy one or more exclusive rights over a period of time. This period usually consists of a specific week of the year, although it can be established differently according to each contract.

In general, the beneficiaries of a timeshare regime, based on the use rights they hold, can choose to enjoy the property during the prescribed period or transfer it to third parties in exchange for financial compensation, or simply as a donation. A timeshare may allow the buyer-consumer to trade weeks with other beneficiaries, either directly or through different exchange agencies.

Some timeshares grant the right to trade for different holiday resorts belonging to the same company. These rights are within certain pre-established time-frames with the other timeshare owners also having the so-called right of individual use. In general, the beneficiaries of a timeshare regime, based on the use rights they hold, can choose to enjoy the property during the prescribed period or transfer it to third parties in exchange for financial compensation, or simply as a donation.

So if you are one of those who have a timeshare, but for various reasons, you have not been able to take advantage of it for your vacation, remember that there is always an option to take advantage of it. If you don’t wish to keep and use the timeshare, here’s a complete guide on how to properly relieve yourself from a timeshare contract without dying or getting scammed in the attempt.

Do You Want to Free Yourself from Your Timeshare Contract?

In the world of timeshares, it is well known that there are a lot of pitfalls. This is because it is usually a very expensive commodity. Of course, vacations are rarely cheap, but they can be luxurious. Maintenance fees for a time-shared property can reach $800 every month, or $9,600 every year. All that just to use your timeshare for just one week per year! So just from a financial perspective, those who choose to buy one will have to accept the consequences.

Many people eventually seek a way out of these never-ending payments. The most common search is being the sale of their timeshare contract. There are many companies who try to sell their timeshare services in which they prey on those who are unaware of what it entails. Selling your timeshare may not be your best option, because of the small clientele, the saturated market, and the costs involved. 

So, Should I Sell My Timeshare or Not?

If you do not plan (or do not know how) to use your vacation time, we don’t always recommend that you sell timeshare points or weeks. You may attract fraudsters. We think that negotiating the cancellation of your vacation membership is the best method. 

Keep in mind that while cancellation may be the best option to try to get rid of your contract, it can be very complicated. There are many fake companies looking for desperate people who pay any amount to get rid of this burden above, so be careful. Cancelling your timeshare is the most logical way to get rid of a timeshare.

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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Renounce a Timeshare

So what is the best way to get rid of a timeshare? Only a few know the regulations that govern such a diverse sector (such as property). In this guide, we, therefore, want to offer you clarifications regarding the act of renunciation and to show you how to get rid of a timeshare that is no longer welcome, in the ethical and quickest manner. 

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Act of Renunciation, Certificate of Ownership and your Purchase Agreement

1. Contact an agency

It is possible to turn to specific agencies that deal with the release of a person from a timeshare. In fact, keep in mind that, since many consumers want to get rid of timeshare, there are many agencies on the market that lend themselves to guaranteeing the cancellation of a timeshare, in exchange for management costs.

This means its very important to choose a company who will have a free initial consultation with you and who can answer you questions clearly. There should be a clear understanding after the initial consultations. 

2. Enter into a cancellation contract

It should, therefore, be kept in mind that the really important thing is not to make payments to any agency before the cancellation or resale of the quota is realized (moreover, the legislation’s in many countries prohibit operators from collecting money on the resale of the timeshare, before the resale is finalized). In many states in the United States, the right to withdraw from the signing of the purchase agreement is just 7 days.

3. Don't Rely on a lawyer

To avoid the risks associated with finding legitimate timeshare resale companies, you should contact a well-known, reliable, and trustworthy cancellation company such as Timeshare Exit Pros. Sure, you can have a lawyer review the contract, but you dont need an attorney to exit your timeshare contract. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on litigation to get out of your timeshare. Our timeshare cancellation process is specifically designed to exit timeshare consumers safely and ethically.

4. Never be in a hurry

If you would like to cancel your timeshare, we recommend patience and caution. It is not a very large market and there is a lot of distrust. There are a lot of willing sellers for very few buyers. Many people fall in the hands of scam deals or, at best, decide to sell it for a couple of dollars in order to get rid of their contract. Here at Timeshare Exit Pros, we provide free one-on-one consultation services to determine whether we will be able to help you cancel your timeshare contract. 

How can I increase profitability from my timeshare?

There are ways to increase profitability from a timeshare if you are looking to buy another one. Here are some tips to make your timeshare profitable:

  1. Consider the timeshare conditions before buying it. Do not get involved with a property that will require more maintenance than you can afford. Examine the fees and costs required by the property.
  2. Find properties that have flexible usage plans. 
  3. Stay away from timeshares that have strict limitations or resale conditions. With so many timeshare options, it is unwise to get trapped in a restrictive contract that is unfair to the consumer. 
  4. The more you use the timeshare, the more you can sublet it. If you want to increase profits with your timeshare, you have to adapt your lifestyle, and vacation time, to create a stable sublet schedule.
  5. Establish a written rental agreement, so both side will know what to expect. This can be done by sending the documentation by fax or email.
  6. Require security deposits. It is better to take precautions and it helps to have a reserve if there are damages from the tenants.

Wrapping Up

There are many pseudo property managers or agencies out there telling people how to sell a timeshare or how not to. Look before you leap. To get out of a timeshare, contact an agency that has a competitively priced upfront fee and is knowledgeable during the initial consultation. 

We are not a timeshare resale company, which many timeshare sales agents will refer to as, a timeshare resell company. Agents or representatives who don’t label their services grammatical correct are likely to be hired by fraudulent exit companies. We do not sell or buy timeshare. We help people and families negotiate the cancellation of their contract safely, legally and ethically. This is a more logical approach versus giving you false hope with buyer/seller methods that will not help. This is one of many upsides of engaging with Timeshare Exit Pros. Moreover, we do not charge arbitrary jaw-dropping fees. Our consultations are absolutely free and there is no obligation to hire us. 

Our exit pros will provide a cost only after we have completed our initial consultation and discovery phase. This phase is for us to introduce ourselves, gather the facts and understand your specific situation and contract. The process will vary case by case which is what influences the cost. The first step to cancelling your timeshare would be to set up a time and day to schedule your free consultation call so we can begin the discovery process. If you have a time and day that works for you, feel free to fill out the form on this page or use our live chat to schedule now!  

Avoid the scams and remember, you don’t need a lawyer to get out of your timeshare. There is no such thing as timeshare law, so don’t overpay lawyers when they do not have money-back guarantees. Let us help you get out of your timeshare! 

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